Terry Moore’s “Echo” will see the big screen


Terry Moore, known throughout Lezboville as the creator of Strangers in Paradise, has inked his first six-figure movie deal. No, Francine and Katchoo aren’t headed to the big screen (yet), but Moore’s SiP follow-up, Echo, has been snatched up by Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin and is headed to the big screen.

Echo tells the story of a young, flat-broke photographer named Julie who finds herself the unwitting recipient of a nuclear-level, high-tech battle suit. Well, at least a partial battle suit.

While out taking photos one afternoon, Julie witnesses an explosion in the sky above the desert. Immediately, heavy silver pellets begin raining down on her and her pickup truck, and before she makes it back to her cabin, the pellets attach themselves to her skin, forming a solid breastplate.

Julie seeks medical help, but the doctor thinks it’s a prank. It’s not: it’s the remnants of a top secret military project. So, the Army is out to get Julie, the rest of the suit is out to find its missing pieces, and a truly creepy old guy takes to torturing/murdering people in an attempt to locate her. And, because it’s Terry Moore, there’s some authentic character development to go along with the action.

On his blog today, Moore said he’s obviously very excited about the movie, and that he hopes now that his foot is in the Hollywood door he’ll be able to push Strangers in Paradise through as well.

More details later but, my plan is to get Echo made as a movie, and SiP on tv (think HBO). This SDCC, my agent, Nick Harris, will start the push for SIP tv. Selling Echo will help because Echo is easy to explain, SiP isn’t. You have to read all of SiP to get it, and who wants to read a 2,200 page story?

I do! I want to read a 2,200 page story! In fact, I have — more than once.

We’ll keep you updated with Echo movie news, and let you know if any exciting developments happen with Strangers in Paradise at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.

Will you see Echo on the big screen?

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