“Whip It” gives us a glimpse onto the track


The first images from Drew Barrymore‘s highly anticipated directorial debut, Whip It, surfaced online yesterday and we don’t know if we should dust off our roller skates or break out that box of Samoas we’ve been hiding from our girlfriend.

What we do know is that the photos of Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig and Zoe Bell as Hurl Girls have amped us up to a solid Mango Tango on the Film Frenzy Advisory Scale.

Take a look:

Page plays Bliss Cavendar, a teenager who escapes the beauty pageant scene forced upon her by her mom (Marcia Gay Harden) by joining a roller derby team in Austin, Texas. Smashley Simpson (Barrymore) and Malice in Wonderland (Wiig), The Hurl Girls’ veterans, take Bliss under their wings.

Zoe Bell (as Bloody Holly) makes it four.

Bliss’ arch-nemesis is Iron Maven (Lewis), the leader of the Holy Rollers, a schoolgirl-themed rival team.

We’re not body-language experts, but it appears there is some, er, tension between Page and Lewis.

About her creative process, Barrymore told USA Today:

I’ve been putting everything into a piggy bank, whether it was working with a filmmaker or going to a museum or listening to a certain song. Everything I’ve learned throughout my whole life has been going into this piggy bank, and I just smashed it all over the floor for this one.

Smash away, Barrymore. It’s what roller derby is all about.

After your sneak peek of Whip It, where are you on the Film Frenzy Advisory Scale? Outrageous Orange? Vivid Tangerine? Surely you’re at least at Lazer Lemon? Is anyone besides our faithful blog editor, Trish Bendix, already sitting on Hot Magenta?

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