Zooey Deschanel plays Sid Vicious for “Cinemash”


Zooey Deschanel is about as adorable as it gets. Her voice, big blue eyes and generally charming persona make it pretty much impossible not to like her — even when she adopts an English accent, dresses as Sid Vicious and stabs Nancy Spungen, who is also in drag.

In anticipation of Deschanel’s upcoming film 500 Days of Summer, the actress teamed up with her costar in the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and director Marc Webb to spoof a scene from Sid and Nancy — the film that chronicled the tumultuous relationship between punk rock icon Vicious and his girlfriend, Spungen.

The spoof — in which Deschanel as Sid looks strikingly similar to Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett — also has Gordon-Levitt rocking a pink sweatshirt and blond wig as a hysterical Spungen.

“We wanted to take it really seriously,” Gordon-Levitt told the LA Times. “To be winking would be a joke on a joke — the gender reversal being the joke itself. To make it funny, we had to do the scene in a real way.”

The scene is part of a Web series called Cinemash, created by Microsoft Zune and MEAN magazine that “mashes up” films — in this case, Sid and Nancy and 500 Days of Summer.

In the actual film, which opens July 17, Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt are a couple who date for a year and a half until Deschanel’s character, Summer, breaks it off leaving Gordon-Levitt’s character (Tom) heartbroken and wanting her back.

I’m a sucker for rom-coms and these two actors, so I want to check it out. In the trailer for the film, Summer and Tom are at a diner discussing how much they fight, and Summer likens them to Sid and Nancy — when Tom insists that he’s not as bad as Sid, she clarifies: “No, I’m Sid.”

The Cinemash version also mentions the film, with a bleeding Nancy and dozing Sid arguing about which one of them would be Tom and which is Summer.

OK, maybe it’s a little cutesy, but I can’t say no to Deschanel’s charms and think both the Cinemash scene and the film are worth seeing.

Though Deschanel and Gordon-Levitt’s mash-up is the only one up now, there are more to come. Including HeroesMilo Ventimiglia in a hallway fight scene from Korean action film Oldboy, Knocked Up’s hilarious Charlyne Yi and actor Channing Tatum in a scene from Dirty Dancing, Cheech and Chong themselves mash up a scene from Tron and Will Arnett takes on the pig blood scene from horror movie classic Carrie.

The posting schedule for the new clips isn’t available, but check the Cinemash site for updates.

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