10 Times Movie Scenes Reflected Your Lesbian Life


7. When you told your mom you’re dating seriously

“Saving Face” is a genuinely sweet movie about culture, family, and being a terrified introvert given the crippling choice of coming out to the world or losing the girl. For women whose mothers have strong personalities, Wilhelmina’s (Wil) relationship with her mom Gao (Joan Chen) will ring particularly true. This gif is for every woman who can’t escape the constant barrage of baby guilt from her mother.

8. When she went on vacation without you

“Imagine Me and You” wasn’t my favorite movie, but apparently it was every single other lesbian’s favorite movie. You’re a wanker number 9! Enough said.

9. When you realized she was the one

“Kyss Mig” is a charming Swedish movie about falling in love from two different perspectives: from the perspective of the straight woman about to get married who suddenly is in love with her new step-sister, and from the perspective of the lesbian who experiences more immediately the devastating centrifugal effects of that love. Love can be wonderful and magical, but also destructive and painful. At the end though, love is worth the cost.

10. When you decided it was time to come out to the world