10 Times Movie Scenes Reflected Your Lesbian Life


5. When you almost got a toaster but didn’t for the greater good

In “I Can’t Think Straight,” Tala (Lisa Ray) breaks up with Leyla (Sheetal Sheth) because of her own internalized homophobia, telling her that she intends to fulfill society’s expectations by marrying her fiancé Hani instead. Fear not, the movie has a happy ending! Some of my best friends are Lebanese…

6 . When you came out to your mom

“The First Wives Club” isn’t a lesbian movie, but in it Annie (Dianne Keaton) recruits her lesbian daughter Chris (Jennifer Dundas) to help her and her two friends (Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler) get back at their cheating husbands. To find her, Annie tracks Chris down at a lesbian bar populated by none other than Lea DeLaria, who hits on Hawn’s Elise. Annie’s supportive yet ungainly efforts to support her lesbian daughter mirror every mom who tries hard but just doesn’t quite get it. Bonus for Chris’ coming out speech: “Mom I’m a lesbian. But don’t tell Daddy! I want to wait for a good time; like Father’s Day or Christmas morning!”