10 Times Movie Scenes Reflected Your Lesbian Life


3. When you defied death to impress your crush and it worked

In “Fried Green Tomatoes,” lesbian tomboy Idgie Threadgoode (Mary Stuart Masterson) is pleased as pie when, after braving thousands of bee stings to get crush Ruth Jamison (Mary Louise Parker) some honey out of a beehive in a tree, Ruth calls her a “bee charmer.” This event, which can be seen as their first (unofficial) date, leaves a positive, lasting impression on Idgie, so when years later Ruth sends word to Idgie to come save her from her abusive husband, Idgie shows up probably having practiced at least a hundred times what to say. She knocks on the door, ready to look casual and cool, and when Ruth’s mom answers, Idgie tells her to inform Ruth that the “bee charmer from Alabama” has arrived. Instead, Ruth’s mother turns and bellows up the stairs, “Ruth, some bee person here to see you,” completely spoiling Idgie’s long-anticipated moment.

Other scenes from “Fried Green Tomatoes” that might mirror parts of your love life:

When you met her family for the first time

When she tried to teach you how to cook

4. When you got caught out for having a crush on a straight friend

“The Children’s Hour” is an uber-downer about how being accused of being in-lesbians with your straight bestie can ruin both your lives, and how discovering that you really do love her and she doesn’t love you back makes things even worse. Nowadays, Shirley MacLaine’s Martha Dobie would have just quit the school and created an artisanal soap making page on Etsy, supplementing her income by walking dogs and hosting meditation sessions in her studio apartment.