Erika Linder and Natalie Krill on their sexy Sapphic film “Below Her Mouth”


After the recent release of a very sexy trailer, there’s been a lot of buzz about new film Below Her Mouth. The story of a passionate love affair that consumes two women over a weekend lives up to that hype, and we’ll get into all of that when we release our review later this week. This weekend, however, we got the chance to meet with the film’s stars, Natalie Krill (Wynonna Earp) and out model Erika Linder. The two spoke with us about what attracted them to their roles, how their film differs from Blue is the Warmest Color, what working with an all-female crew was like and more.


Warning: Spoilers ahead Natalie, many queer women have watched you on Wynonna Earp and lot of us aren’t necessarily fans of Willa because she was bad to Nicole.

Natalie Krill: To WayHaught?


AE: To WayHaught. But they’re going to love you as Jasmine in Below Her Mouth. So how aware were you of the show’s lesbian fan base and are you ready to receive some of that same love?

NK: How could I not be? I had so many people tweeting at me being like, “How dare you? How dare you treat Waverly like that?!” I’m so aware, and I’m excited that they’re going to like me now.


AE: Purgatory is obviously one weird little town. Is there any chance we’ll see you back on Wynonna Earp next season?

NK: I mean anything is possible when it’s a show about people who come back from the dead. So who knows? I have no idea.


AE: But you’re open to it?

NK: Absolutely. Yeah. It was an amazing show to work on.


AE: Erika, have you watched Wynonna Earp?

Erika Linder: No, no.

NK: What?!


AE: Horrible girlfriend.

EK: But I get these comments on Twitter. And they’re like hilarious about like, “Oh yeah, I didn’t know you were a gay.”

NK: Oh yeah because it’s a line.

EL: Oh that’s what I figured because everyone keeps saying that!


AE: “A gay.”

NK: First of all, Willa’s been in a cult. But I remember shooting that and obviously, knowing the film that I had just shot months before.


AE: Did Emily Andras know about the film?

NK: I think she might have had an idea about it, but maybe not.


AE: I don’t know how you kept that to yourself. You should’ve been like, “You guys, this is cute, but what’s coming…”

NK: I don’t like to talk about, “Oh guess what I did.”

EL: She does.

NK: No I don’t!

EL: I’m kidding.


AE: I always thought all the Earp sisters were a little gay.

EL: I have to watch that now.