The Best Lesbian Shows and Movies Streaming on Hulu Now


Stream some pride right into your living room with the best of lesbian shows and movies streaming on Hulu.


Gaycation on Hulu

Gaycation with Ellen Page and Ian Daniel on Hulu

Ellen Page and her GBF travel the world exploring LGBT culture. Produced by Vice, so it’s got that real “disruptive” vibe. Don’t miss Ellen getting confrontational with Bible humping Ted Cruz as he explains how Christians are persecuted.

Anyone But Me

Anyone But Me - Lesbian Content on Hulu

Anyone But Me – Hulu

The first-ever lesbian-focused streaming series set the bar high with this teen love story.


Ellen Show streaming on hulu

Ellen Show on Hulu

While it may be a time capsule of 1990s women’s culture, it ages well. And if it weren’t for the puppy episode, this website wouldn’t even exist, so you know we’re all big fans.

Mosquita y Mari

Mosquita y Mari on Hulu

Mosquita Y Mari on Hulu


The Bold Type

The Bold Type - lesbian content on Hulu

The Bold Type on Hulu

Editors at a women’s magazine navigate a wild youth in New York City. Watch for the sincere and steamy relationship between social media guru Kat and photographer Adena.


Bound on hulu

Bound – Hulu

This cult classic flips the script on mob movie tropes. Perhaps more than any other movie, you’re going to wind up at a party where some cutie with thick glasses and a short haircut asks you if you’ve seen it, and then wonders if you you even gay? Don’t be that gal. Don’t disappoint the cute lesbian police.

The L Word

the l word on hulu

The L Word – Showtime on Hulu

The L Word is notoriously one of the worst written shows, and yet a must-see. Formative to so many millennial lesbians’ sexuality, regardless of it representing only the tiniest sliver of the lesbian experience. You’d better catch up/review in preparation for the L Word reboot.

The Real L Word

the real l word streaming on hulu

The Real L Word Showtime on Hulu

Finally, lesbians get a trashy reality show just for us. Bonus for all you reluctant smokers, my girlfriend claims that she quit smoking because of the scene where Cori got hypnotized.


The L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin

This documentary is a timely and relevant look at what it’s like to be a lesbian in the South

Lip Service

If you have yet to watch the Scottish version of The L Word, you’re truly missing out. After all, this show made it to the list of hottest sex scenes in tv history.

 The Dinah Girls

The Dinah Girls on Hulu

Spot the celesbians in this documentary shot at none other than the largest lesbian weekend in the world.

Addicted to Fresno

Natasha Lyonne and Aubrey Plaza are hot for each other in this film written by Karey Dornetto and directed by Jamie Babbit.

Kiss Me

kiss me on hulu

Kiss Me on Hulu

The Swedish story about step sisters who get more than sisterly is an AfterEllen favorite.


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