Tilda Swinton’s “Julia” finally crosses the Atlantic


Being typecast is one thing Tilda Swinton certainly never needs to worry about.

Swinton seems to be able to play anyone, from The White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia:

To the sexually ambiguous Orlando:

To, well, Tilda Swinton:

Last year, Swinton was the talk of the Berlin Film Festival in Julia, playing an alcoholic, manipulative liar who eventually kidnaps a young boy, hoping to extort a $2 million ransom. According to Times Online:

Swinton is a total joy. She looks like a bad jigsaw. She slaps on the make-up at 9am and her face is falling off by lunchtime. Her scathing sense of humour is fabulously bleak. She is 40, single, lonely, and stalked by a mad female neighbour who also happens to be the most fervent member of the local branch of Alcoholics Anonymous. Her name is Elena (Kate del Castillo), and it is her son whom Julia steals.

Finally, the movie is making its way to the U.S. and is scheduled to open May 8 in limited release. Here’s the trailer:

Looks to me like Tilda can turn even this train wreck of a woman into someone worth watching. Is Julia on your spring movie list?

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