Angelina Jolie plays doctor


If you’ve been praying that Angelina Jolie would change her mind about retiring, start the hallelujahs.

Variety reports that Jolie will play Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the razor-sharp medical examiner featured in lesbian author Patricia Cornwell’s best-selling books.

OK, that’s not Scarpetta. In fact, Dr. Scarpetta — in my mind at least — is nothing like Jolie. I always pictured the good doctor more like Cornwell herself: a 50-ish blonde.

My casting choice? Jodie Foster.

But since the Fox 2000 film won’t be based on a specific book — and since Cornwell has signed off on Jolie — I am willing to let go of my preconceptions about Dr. S. and let Angelina do her thing. Oh please, Angelina, do your thing.

I do hope the film includes Kay’s lesbian niece Lucy Farinelli. Lucy, who joined the series at age 10, now is an FBI agent whose sexual orientation is not exactly embraced by her fellow agents. Lucy is a dysfunctional genius who drinks too much and frequently jumps headlong into situations that could get her killed — but not because she’s a lesbian.

Kristen Stewart would be perfect.

We’ll have more details about the film as they’re announced. Meanwhile, what do you think about Angelina Jolie as Scarpetta? Does the casting make you want to read Cornwell’s books? Who would be your Lucy?

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