“Alena” is a sexy but twisted lesbian thriller


Holy horror movie! The Swedes went from giving us Kyss Mig to this lesbian thriller—Alena. Adapted from Kim W. Andersson’s graphic novel of the same name, let me tell you, as far as this very specific genre goes, it’s one of the best I’ve seen.


Naturally, the movie is centered around a Swedish teen named Alena (Amalia Holm). Alena’s the shy, quiet type and, I must say, a bit off. She’s just joined a private all-girls school from a public school halfway through the year. Why? No one but Alena and the protective school counselor seem to know. The mystery around her and her reputation as the counselor’s favorite certainly don’t help her case with the school’s mostly blonde student population—she’s got a target on her back from day one.

If she thought her talents on the lacrosse field would earn her some points, boy was she wrong. If anything, she’s made herself enemy no. 1 of school bully Filippa (Molly Nutley) and her cronies by joining the team and earning the coach’s praises (which comes off a bit weird, even though they didn’t go there). But Filippa’s not being totally honest about why she really hates Alena. The biggest reason behind that is Alena’s newfound friendship with schoolmate Fabienne (Felice Jankell).


Here’s the thing: this movie is so gay! Filippa is still crushing on Fabienne, who’s had it with her attitude and doesn’t even want to be her friend. Fabienne, by the way, just oozes cool. It helps that she’s gorgeous and has style for days. As for Alena, she definitely has feelings for Fabienne, and it is oh so mutual. The problem is Alena’s ex- best friend/girlfriend is still in the picture. Well, I guess the bigger problem is that she’s DEAD!

Josefin (Rebecka Nyman) is a ride or die kind of girl. That’s great when she’s protecting Alena, including from being a victim of lesbian rape (not your everyday scene…). But when that same person is trying to off your crush, there’s an issue here.

How, though, do you deal with someone who’s been dead for a year? Especially when you feel guilty about her death and talking about it would make you seem crazy? Personally, I wouldn’t be starting up a romance in the midst of these circumstances. But, I’m glad Alena did. She and Fabienne are that perfect combination of cute and hot and I can’t help but squeal over their happiness. Circumstances be damned!


Except the circumstances are very real and will eventually catch up to everyone. As I’ve childishly mentioned before, Alena brings all new meaning to “scissoring.”

If you like this genre of film or are tempted to give it a go, Alena is not to be missed. It can certainly boast several of the classic elements of a “lesbian thriller,” including a gory makeout scene with blood galore. Really, what more can you ask for?


Alena plays at the MiFo LGBT Film Festival in Miami Beach on April 28.  For updates on future screenings, visit the movie’s website.