Kristen Stewart learns how to become Joan Jett


Kristen Stewart is currently starring in the comedy Adventureland, but it seems like it’s the least important film she’s involved with lately. Interviews with the young actress seem to focus on her Twilight stardom and her upcoming turn as Joan Jett in the still unnamed film about The Runaways.

We’ve been keeping tabs on the film’s progress, ready to spot the first hint of lesbian action that Stewart will get as a young Joan. In an interview with SuicideGirls this week, Stewart said she has been hanging out with the rocker whenever she has free time. Tough job, right?

“She like penetrates you with her gaze, literally,” Stewart said of Joan. “She’s a badass. She’s like the ultimately cool [rocker] and like really deep too.” She’s very thoughtful.

Do you have any other thoughts on her, Kristen? Oh you do? Please, go on:

She could sit in a room full of chattering people and music and whatever and she’s just sitting there. Then like something crazy’ll happen and you’re like, “Joan, did you see that?” And she’ll be like, “No.” She’s very thoughtful and she loves what she does. She cares about so many people. She’s an activist. She’s really amazing … I’m just listening to her music all the time. I spent New Years with her. I’m trying to just make myself aware of the time period and what she was going through.

Joan Jett in the 1970s

New Years Eve with Joan Jett? Again, tough job. (No word on if Nikki Reed was also in attendance, for those of you who were probably with me on the whole “midnight kiss” imagining.)

Kristen Stewart with Nikki Reed and Kat Denning

Stewart told SuicideGirls that she feels Joan’s life is “an incredibly triumphant feminist story” and that Joan is “one of the coolest people to ever live” and “one of the nicest, most soulful women I’ve ever met.”

OK, now she’s just bragging.

On the actual film, Stewart said she isn’t sure if she will be singing Joan’s parts, but she hopes to be able to perform the music: “I want to very badly but I also want it to sound right and I don’t know if it’ll be a combination where they lay our voices on top of each other or if it’ll be just her or just me. We’ll see. We’ll see how able the other actors are to play the music themselves.”

Even if she doesn’t get to sing the part, she at least gets to look it, which includes sporting some of Joan’s famous ink, such as the tattoo Joan and Cherie Curie both got in Japan while on tour. Stewart said the relationship between the two frontwomen is one of the things she is looking forward to filming the most.

“I like the big conflict,” Stewart said. “Cherie can’t really handle the success, nor does she want it necessarily in that respect. Joan is a very steady, self-assured and she knows this kick started her whole career. So to watch it all fall apart and her still stand, I’m excited about that. It’s a really explosive scene. Amps are kicked through and guitars are smashed.”

Great, now get New Moon over and start filming this amazing sounding movie about the nice, soulful woman you’ve been hanging out with.

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