Linda Hamilton is the voice of Terminator past


Amidst all the reports about casting and filming of Terminator Salvation, the collective mind of the universe has put forth a single wish: the return of Linda Hamilton.

We should’ve been more specific. Linda Hamilton indeed will reprise her role as Sarah Connor — just not on camera. Hamilton has just finished recording narration for the lead-in to the movie.

Director McG earlier expressed hope that she also would provide voiceover at the end of the film, based on the tapes she made for her unborn son John near the end of the original Terminator. We don’t know yet if she agreed to do so, but I sure hope he asked her nicely.

C.H.U.D. reports that an individual who has seen the film said Hamilton’s voiceover is short, but works very well to set the stage for the movie. Hopefully having Sarah Connor introduce the action will provide the continuity that was sorely lacking in T3. Even if we don’t get to see her arms.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the latest trailer from Terminator Salvation:


Does the presence of Linda Hamilton’s voice make you want to see T4? Do you think McG can bring back the glory of the first two Terminator films? Or should they have let the franchise die with Sarah Connor?

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