2015: The Year in Lesbian/Bi Movies


Foreign Films

Foreign films are like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: you go to them and it usually involves some work. Leave behind your expectations of Hollywood glamor; instead, raise your performance expectations (the acting is usually better than what you see in a lot of American indies). And almost always, prepare yourself to attend an LGBT film festival. In 2015, it was worth the trip.


What a pleasant surprise Summertime (La Belle Saison) was. Premiering in North America at the Toronto International Film Festival alongside movies like Freeheld, The Danish Girl, Spotlight, The Martian, etc., this French-Belgian production directed by Catherine Corsini managed to stand out. I have a huge crush on this film that sees a young countrywoman falling for an older woman in Paris. In the ‘70s. And they’re feminists. Also, the love scenes…

The Summer of Sangailesangaile

This movie is so damn pretty. Writer/director Alanté Kavaïté made me almost forget that Lithuania has quite the reputation for being homophobic–I want to frolic through fields in a tutu, too! The Summer of Sangaile shows us two 17-year-old girls falling in love, but one of them has issues with self-harm and the other envisions a future for herself that doesn’t involve staying in town. So much build (killing me with the build) and so much teenage angst, but it works.

Liz in Septemberliz

Gay lady Patricia Velásquez plays gay chica, Liz. And it’s good. Based off Jane Chambers’ play Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, the film is directed by Fina Torres, who pulled together a great cast of women. Liz in September is funny, sad and beautiful. Velásquez’s Liz is a cocky love ‘em and leave ‘em type who falls for Eva, a married woman struggling with ghosts. Liz also happens to be keeping a big secret, including from the several lesbian friends she’s sharing a beach resort with. A lot of gay in this one.

Margarita With A StrawMargarita-With-a-Straw

A bisexual lead with cerebral palsy. Her lover, who happens to be a young blind woman. Oh, and a good chunk of the movie is set and shot in India. What could you even compare this to? I’m not throwing Margarita With A Straw a bone–it’s a really good movie. In 2015, I was happy to be able to point people towards a strong film that featured two disabled women in love.

All About Eall-about-e

Ladies are doing it right down under. Louise Wadley directed a really fun movie starring other great Aussie women in the land of Oz. Scream it with me: “Lesbian road movie!” This film is all about E (out actress Mandahla Rose), a DJ and former clarinet player who’s about to encounter her ex sooner than she thinks. We’re talking “the ex”, who in this case is the lovely Trish (Julia Billington). But is there time for love when your boss is chasing you and your bag full of money down? You bet there is.

Other notable foreign films this year include A Girl at My DoorSand Dollars and The Girl King.

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