Sienna Miller on “The Edge of Love”


Sienna Miller replaced Lindsay Lohan for her part in The Edge of Love, so I should sort of hate her. But I can’t. The Factory Girl star and one-time Jude Law lover dishes on her role as one of two women trying to win the heart of poet Dylan Thomas, while coincidentally becoming a lot, uh, closer with Keira Knightley in the process.

The real-life BFFs play women after Thomas’ heart, and rumors quickly began to swirl about their own on-screen “lesbian love affair.” But, as Miller tells Parade, it was really not the big deal everyone made it out to be:

It all went way overboard. I’m not sure how it all got leaked. Suddenly, in England, there were like these tabloid headlines, “Lesbian Romp — Miller and Knightley.” It was hyperbolized to the degree of just complete ridiculousness. There is a scene where our lips meet very briefly, and that became the big lesbian kiss. And we do take a bath together but it’s not very erotic. There’ll be a few disappointed men, I’m sure.

Yeah. Men. The only ones who’ll be disappointed. But, let’s back up. They take a bath together and it’s not very erotic? How many straight women bathe together? And drunken dips in the hot tub on every season of The Real World do not count. Sure, maybe they weren’t kissing in the tub, but the whole idea of two women, naked, in a steaming tub sounds sort of erotic. So if it’s the men Miller’s concerned about, I don’t think she has anything to worry about.

Discussing her real-life relationship with Knightley, Miller says they’re like any other girlfriends, and it seems like they’d actually make a good couple, you know, if they swung that way.

We’re both quite nerdy. We talked about books and we played cards and did the Guardian crossword puzzle. There was a lot of that. Keira is learning the flute at the moment and I’m learning the piano, which I used to play when I was younger. So we really were nerdy, living together in this house in Wales, walking around in our pajamas and going for long walks.

So cute. And a little gay, right?

The Edge of Love will be released in select cities March 13. Will you see it, even though their lips only “meet very briefly”?

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