Who’s the best candidate for the role of first lady?


To nobody’s surprise, rumors are rampant that a movie about Barack Obama is in the works. Will Smith has expressed interest in playing the president. But I’m much more interested in who the leading lady will be.

According to Liz Smith, two leading ladies have volunteered to be first lady Michelle Obama. Angela Bassett spoke up first, but Smith thinks she may be a bit too old, at 50, for the taste of casting directors. This is too old?

At 42, Halle Berry is closer to Mrs. O’s age (45) and certainly has the box office appeal and acting chops to match Smith.

But can high profile actors such as Smith and Berry really pull off playing the best-known couple in America? I’m not sure anyone can. And since speculation gives us an excuse to look at beautiful women, let’s consider the options.

Essence.com suggests Gabrielle Union and Tyra Banks.

I hate to say it, but what qualifies Union or Banks to play Ms. Obama other than good looks and black skin? Sure, they’re talented — but I just don’t see the connection.

My first thought was Jada Pinkett Smith, simply because the Obamas have such intense chemistry. If Will is the President, then who’s a better match than his real life catalyst?

You see the problem. Ms. Smith is tiny — way too tiny to be the First Lady, whose height is a big reason that the Obamas are such a handsome couple.

If we base casting on biceps — and we will, since it yields some good pictures — then perhaps a certain newly available actress is a fit.

I’m not sure I’m quite ready to see Bette with a man, but I’m always ready to see more of Jennifer Bealsarms.

Another Tank Top Tuesday favorite, Rosario Dawson, also places high in the arms race.

But StuntDouble and Stunt’s Girlfriend suggested the choice that has become my favorite: Regina King.

Sure, King is shorter and younger than Michelle Obama, but that’s what heels and makeup are for. And her work in Ray was incredible.

What do you think? Who’s the best candidate for first lady? Can known actors play the Obamas, or is it time for a new talent search?

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