Dakota Fanning is in talks to join The Runaways film


I have absolutely no doubt that Kristen Stewart will make a great Joan Jett.

I’ve been very curious to see who would join the Twilight actress in the new biopic about The Runaways, and slowly but surely, details are emerging. The latest is that Dakota Fanning is in talks to join the cast as Cherie Currie, the rock band’s legendary blonde frontwoman.

Fanning is well known for being, well, young, so it’s hard to imagine her as playing a bad ass rockstar. But she’s been showing a more mature look at premieres and events as of late. Whether or not she has a stylist or publicist to thank for that, it’s most likely working to her advantage if she is up for great roles like this one.

Since there is still very little known about the actual script — except that it’s sure to include some lesbian kissing — it’s unclear whether the stars will be singing and playing the instruments themselves. That would definitely make things much more interesting, as I am not sure I can see Dakota Fanning’s tiny voice growling “Hello world, I’m your wild girl / I’m your ch ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!”

If Fanning does sign on, there’s still the issue of who will play Lita Ford.

May I suggest Abigail Breslin? She’s at least 12 now, right?

And they say there are no good roles for actresses in Hollywood.

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