15 Lesbian/Bisexual-Themed Films You Can See at NewFest This Weekend


Monday, October 26th

Her Story Screening and Panel: We are thoroughly geeked about Jen Richards and Laura Zak‘s new trans and queer focused series. This will be the world premiere of Her Story, and Jen and Laura will be taking part in a panel following the viewing along with co-star Angelica Ross, director Sydney Freeland and producer Katherine Fisher. Don’t miss this one!

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Tuesday, October 27th

Girls Lost: This film by Alexandra-Therese Keining (Kyss Mig) has the honor of being the closer to Newfest, and over the last few months, Girls Lost has garnered considerable buzz. Three girls discover a plant that temporarily changes them into boys. Sexuality, ideas of gender, and friendships are all tested as the girls learn more about themselves than they ever expected.

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