Ellen goes to the dogs in new animated film


Ellen DeGeneres won the hearts of kids and adults in her first animated stint in 2003’s Finding Nemo as Dory, the hilarious fish with short-term memory loss who reminded us all to “just keep swimming.” The fact that she started her talk show later that year was no surprise, considering she had officially become a household name.

And now, the Emmy Award winner will be lending her voice to a new Warner Bros. animated feature called Dog Show. DeGeneres will voice the film’s main character, a stray dog, who, along with her other stray dog pals, “shake[s] up the purebred world of a Westminster-like dog show.”

There aren’t many other details about the film just yet. Will an animated Iggy make an appearance?

And most importantly, what kind of dog will Ellen be? I see her as some sort of small golden terrier mix with a neatly tied, crisp bandana around her neck. She may be a stray, but she’ll be classy.

Do you think you’ll see if Ellen can top her voiceover work as Dory with Dog Show?

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