Penélope Cruz wins twice in one week


The hotness talent that is Penélope Cruz won an Independent Spirit Award on Saturday night and an Academy Award last night for her role as a bisexual artist in the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

In her acceptance speech, Penélope joked about being the first Oscar winner ever to faint on stage. Thankfully, Penélope didn’t pass out. Instead she made an impassioned speech about the power of art and how art is a universal language. She then went on to thank her country and the actors of her country in her native tongue.

If you haven’t seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona yet, turn off your computer and rent it. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best movies of the year, and I’m not just saying that because Penélope Cruzes with sexiness in it. Sorry, I have a penchant for turning gorgeous actresses’ last names into verbs. Example: Cobie Smulders with hotness.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is smart, funny, unique and — did I mention? — hot. Penélope — cruzing sexiness aside — steals every scene she’s in and that’s no small feat when you consider that she’s acting with Spaniard and Academy Award winner Javier Bardem.

So, yeah, I kind of love the movie. And how could I not? It’s set in gorgeous Barcelona and Penélope makes out with Scarlett Johansson in it. Yeah. Good stuff. I never thought I’d write this in my life, but thank you, Woody Allen; thank you.

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