Even more “Fired Up” about lesbians


Last week, we told you about Margo Harshman playing Sylvia, the “blunt and slightly creepy” supposed lesbian in the new (and completely unoriginal) cheerleader flick, Fired Up. But Harshman isn’t the only one getting her gay on in the film: There’s also a confirmed lesbian couple, played by Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill) and Hayley Marie Norman.

Danneel Harris

In a recent interview, Harris had this to say about playing opposite Norman as half of a cheering same-sex couple:

The first time we met, it was like, “Oh, hi. Guess we’re going to be, like, the lesbian couple.” Neither of us had played that kind of role before. I know how to handle a guy costar; you just say, “Hi, how are you? Are you going to brush your teeth before the kissing scene?” But with a girl it’s like, “Uh, I like your shirt.” Awkward. But now we’re really good friends.

What, wouldn’t you ask a girl if she’ll brush her teeth, too, or would you be so distracted by coveting her outfit that you just don’t care? Either way, the two actors are apparently good friends now, forever bonded by being that lesbian cheerleader couple in a movie about two dudes trying to bag babes by joining a cheer squad. Classy!

Being faux-homo together “bonds you quicker than anything,” Harris said. But I think actually being gay together works a lot better.

Hayley Marie Norman

Do you think the fact that this film has not one, but three lesbians in it will motivate you to go to the theaters or does it still sound like another horrible Bring It On knock-off?

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