Former Gladiator Hellga plays gay in “Madea Goes to Jail”


You might recognize Robin Coleman under a different name: Hellga. On last year’s return of American Gladiators, Coleman competed as the blondest of the buff crew, taking on any who dared challenge her in a physical contest.

After a brief stint on Days of Our Lives, Coleman is on the big screen playing a character named Big Sal in Tyler Perry‘s new film, Madea Goes to Jail. The film reached number one this past weekend in its debut.

Big Sal is a lesbian inmate with whom Madea has several run-ins. One review cites their scenes as mostly of the slapstick violent variety:

A melee with Big Sal involves Madea shoving the woman’s head beneath a steam press. [Another character] Candy also gets into the act, half-heartedly elbowing Big Sal after Madea tosses her foe into a laundry bin.

It looks like Coleman wasn’t hired just for her acting skills. The woman has some brawn — and that’s an understatement. Nonetheless, she seems pretty excited about her part in the film. Watch this interview with her about her character:

She doesn’t discuss Big Sal’s lesbianism, which, of course, comes off as predatory when she hits on her peers, making them uncomfortable — Madea included.

Perhaps Coleman will be so convincing she will get herself a part in The Farm, although I can’t say I see a future for her and Alice Pieszecki. And as with the rest of Perry’s Madea films, you have to go into them knowing stereotypes are plentiful. You can either choose to take offense or laugh with them. Take it from me — the latter is much more fun.