The Razzie Awards: What’s not hot in movies


The night before the Academy Awards, another ceremony served as a worthy prelude. No, not the Spirit Awards — that show is far too classy. This awards show selected the worst of the worst for a Golden Raspberry Award. The big “winner” was a familiar, um, face.

Paris Hilton tied the record for the most awards, scoring worst actress for The Hottie and the Nottie, worst supporting actress for Repo! The Genetic Opera and worst on-screen couple for her pairing with either Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore in Hottie.

Sadly, I missed Hilton’s tours de farce, but the Razzie Awards have my respect based on her fellow nominees for worst supporting actress:

Carmen ElectraDisaster Move and Meet the Spartans

Kim KardashianDisaster Movie

Jenny McCarthy Witless Protection

Leelee Sobieski 88 Minutes and In the Name of the King

I saw 88 Minutes. It took me a week to get the smell out of my clothes. Will someone get Leelee Sobieski a new agent?

Hilton’s competition for worst actress:

Jessica Alba The Eye and The Love Guru

Cameron Diaz What Happens In Vegas

Kate Hudson Fool’s Gold and My Best Friend’s Girl

The entire cast of The Women

I’m still ticked off about The Women. Even Jada Pinkett-Smith as a beautiful lesbian couldn’t redeem it.

The Love Guru earned the most Razzies of the evening, for worst actor (Mike Myers), worst screenplay and worst picture.

The trailer alone was enough to convince me the awards were well deserved. I won’t deface by posting it, but if you must see it, be my guest.

Check out the complete list of “winners” at the Razzie Award website and let us know what you think. Did Paris Hilton deserve to sweep the female categories? Was The Love Guru the worst movie of 2008? What are your personal picks for the 2008 worst of the worst?

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