Top Lesbian Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Searching for lesbian movies on streaming services is categorically exhausting.  You wind up bemoaning lousy lesbian representation before you’ve even picked something. Then, once you decide on something to watch, there’s nothing quite like struggling to decide whether or not to abandon the movie for being too cliche, too boring, or too obviously under Hollywood’s delusions of mandeur. So, let us do the work for you!


Based on the book The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, this romance starring A-listers Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara was an instant lesbian classic. Lush costumes, sets and cinematography but sparse dialogue make for a lowkey art-house vibe. While it’s likely to make you cry, no one dies or ends up with a man (as often happens in many so-called “lesbian movies” out there…

Kiss Mekyss-mig

Alexandra Therese Keining’s story about step-sisters-to-be in a torrid romance is scandalous but well-written and beautifully acted. Watch if: You like stories of someone defying the odds for true love. Or Sweden.

Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth

A woman’s erotic encounters with a seasoned lesbian has her questioning her sexuality and her engagement to a man. People seem to either love or hate this one, but it’s definitely one of the sexiest lesbian movies out there, with lots of eye candy for the female gaze.

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