Ellen Barkin and Famke Janssen join “The Chameleon”


Here’s one more reason to celebrate Friday: Two of the sexiest over-40 women in Hollywood are making a film together.

Ellen Barkin and Famke Janssen will star in Jean Paul Salome’s The Chameleon, scheduled for release in 2010.

The Chameleon is based on the true story of Frédéric Bourdin, a man who assumed at least 39 identities — including three missing teenagers. A New Yorker article in August told the incredible tale, which I found absolutely riveting. I can barely believe that Bourdin was able to pull off one deception after another for 20 years.

The film focuses on one of the missing-persons cases, the reunion of Nicholas Barclay and his family. Bourdin posed as Barclay, claiming that he had escaped from a child prostitution ring, until people started questioning his true identity. Canadian actor Marc-Adre Grodin will play Bourdin, a.k.a. The Chameleon

Barkin plays the missing boy’s cougar mother.

Who wouldn’t pretend to be her kid? Seriously.

Janssen plays an FBI agent pursuing Bourdin.

Wanted: Famke Janssen to pursue me.

I love movies like this, so I’d see it no matter who starred. But the prospect of Barkin and Janssen onscreen together certainly will make me watch for the premier. Especially given the chance Barkin will wear this dress.

Is The Chameleon your kind of movie?

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