Marvel Studios says we’ll see an LGBT character on-screen soon


Is an LGBTQ Marvel Comics character coming to the big screen? Marvel Studios says yes!

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently told Collider that we could see an LGBTQ character in “10 years or less.” While 10 years is a long time to wait, Feige adds that’s the average turnaround from comic to movie. Here are our picks for the queer women we’d love to see make it into a Marvel film.


While technically already on the big screen in the X-Men films, we hope this bisexual villain is shown with ladylove Destiny.


How about Karma from X-Men? She was one of the first lesbian characters in a mainstream comic book.


Victoria Handvictoria hand

While killed off on ABC’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. we hope she and GF Isabel Hartley make an on-screen appearance.

Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman

ms. Marvel and Jessica DrewNeed we say more? We would love to see a Ms. Marvel/Jessica Drew romance.


Somebody made this Amber Rose/Moondragon comparison and we couldn’t agree more!

Cluster and BraddockCluster and Braddock

Fingers crossed for an Uncanny X-Force series!

Karolina Dean and Xavin



Still waiting on that Runaways film.

America ChavezAmerica Chavez

America Chavez was raised by two moms. Let’s get some Amerimom action up in here!


We certainly wouldn’t mind Edith Frieberg popping up.


It was recently revealed that Elektra was bi. Hello, sais!


These gals are only the tip of the iceberg!  Got a favorite lady-to-lady love that you’re dying to see come to life? Tweet me: @evermainardBetter yet, voice your opinion to @Marvel and let’s see if we can get this train rollin’!

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