The Huddle: Our Favorite Dance Movies


In honor of Magic Mike XXLwe’re celebrating our favorite dance flicks in this week’s huddle. We’re including those of the exotic variety, and I guarantee you this list would include Dianna Agron in Bare once the film goes nationwide. (It’s playing at Outfest on July 11.) 


So, team: What is your favorite movie about moving and shaking?

Valerie Anne: Even though it’s technically a cheerleading movie, cheerleading competitions involve dancing, so I’m picking Bring It On. Because Eliza Dushku.


Grace Chu: Happy Feet!


Dara Nai: I don’t even have to think about this one. Showgirls is a cinematic tour de force of everything. And I’m glad Elizabeth Berkley has finally accepted her place in history


Kim Hoffman: Showgirls, babe!

Emily Anderson: No doubt, has to be Center Stage.


Miranda Meyer: Center Stage all the way!

Elaine Atwell: Technically a musical, not a dance movie, but I have to pick West Side Story. I grew up with that VHS, and it was my understanding that all New York City gang violence was resolved via Jerome Robbins choreography.


Jenna Lykes: Dirty Dancing!


Erica Feliciano: The Cutting Edge. It’s dancing on ice. I watched that movie at least once a day when it was released on VHS. I had a huge crush on Moira Kelly back then. Toe pick!


Chelsea Steiner: I’m going with the original Hairspray, possibly the gayest dance movie ever. Field hockey and Divine? Also, I will never not laugh when Tracey makes out with the television. The musical was fun, but it doesn’t have the magic of the original.


Chloe: Save the Last Dance forever and ever everyone in that movie can get it also throwback to Kerry Washington in a do rag


Erin Wilson: I would watch Save the Last Dance on a daily basis if I could. “This is an A and B conversation, so C yourself out of it.”

Bridget McManus: Don’t hate me but I cannot tell you how much I love Denise Richards‘ performance with Jesus in Drop Dead Gorgeous.


Lucy Hallowell: Flashdance for sure. It’s weird and wacky and Jennifer Beals plays a freaking steel worker who shows up to her super fancy dinner wearing a bowtie and a dickey. Come on! Plus that whole taking your bra off under your sweatshirt thing.


Ali Davis: Strictly Ballroom forever.


Emily McGaughy: Sarah Jessica Parker was my first crush thanks to Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I named my favorite stuffed animal Janey, after her character in the movie.  I still know all the songs.


Trish Bendix: I’m going to throw in Black Swan to this  mix for a little bit of cray cray cunnilingus in which a ballerina may or may not have been doing down on herself.


What’s your favorite dance flick?

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