Freida Pinto is the true golden girl of the Globes


If you watched the Golden Globes telecast last night, you probably had one pressing question on your mind the entire evening. No, not what in God’s green earth is Renée Zellweger wearing? (Though that is a perfectly logical and necessary question.) Instead, your question was probably: Who is the gorgeous girl in the mustard-colored dress?

Anyone who has watched last night’s brilliant best drama winner Slumdog Millionaire knows the answer immediately. But for all the uninitiated, please say hello to Freida Pinto. The 24-year-old actress and model made her feature-film debut as Latika in director Danny Boyle’s exhilarating and exuberant tale of star-crossed love in modern-day Mumbai.

To call her beautiful might be understating the facts. Freida spent two years modeling before Boyle discovered her and cast her as the adult Latika, an orphan who grew up with (and is the true love of the film’s hero) Jamal (Dev Patel).

Before being cast, Freida anchored the English-language international travel show, Full Circle on Zee International Asia Pacific. She has also been featured in several ad campaigns for everything from Wrigley’s chewing gum to Skoda autos and De Beers diamonds. Her official website includes a photo gallery and bio.

Freida, who had not taken acting lessons before her role in Slumdog, said in an interview with that her childhood dream was to be “in front of the camera and to entertain people.” She said the film has been a hit thanks to its universal themes:

It is about an underdog who has a dream and he goes gunning for his dream, won’t stop at anything until he gets what he wants. … You struggle in life, you literally fall flat on your face many times and then finally you pick yourself up and get what you want, after a lot of struggle. It is a very inspirational story and most people can relate to it which is why everybody is going crazy, because the film has perfect comic-timing, a love story and a class struggle, deceit, redemption.

And while all that is true about the film and then some, it probably didn’t hurt to have a newcomer as radiant as Freida onscreen to mesmerize us even further.

So, are you an embarrassingly smitten kitten like me about Freida? And, if possible, please give your response in the form of another ridiculously attractive shot of Ms. Pinto, you know, for scientific purposes.

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