Purva Bedi Cast as Lead in “When Kiran Met Karen”


Purva Bedi You

may have already heard of the upcoming film When Kiran Met Karen

because of its controversial subject – an Indian-American actress in New

York falls in love with her female co-star while shooting a film in which she

plays a lesbian – and because of who’s playing the lead. Or rather, who’s not

playing it.

Bollywood actress

Perizaad Zorabian made international headlines in July when she turned down

the role due to her “own personal inhibitions about playing a lesbian”, even

as she acknowledged, “Kiran is a fantastic role for any actor who has the courage

to think with an open mind.”

There has been

much anticipation since then over who would take the lead. Now, in an exclusive

interview with AfterEllen.com, director Manan Katohora reveals that the film’s

star will be Indian-American actress Purva Bedi (American Desi, Green Card


In an interview

with Bedi this week, she told us, “The other actress, Perizaad Zorabian, who

is a lovely, lovely person and a lovely actress — she’s coming from Bollywood,

and there is not a single actress … living in India … who cares about her career

there who could play this part.” Bedi added with a laugh, “’Cause I know that

the director met with people and talked to people there and everyone — you know,

the second they even read the synopsis were like, ‘sorry.’”

But Bedi herself,

who has built her acting career in the United States, does not feel the same

stigma that Zorabian did. “That’s one of the reasons I really want to do the

movie … ’cause you know that once the movie’s made, everyone in India

‘s going to watch it,” Bedi said. “I want to make this movie so that actresses

there can start to play those parts and not be so scared of it.”

Unlike Katohora’s

previous film, Arya, which was a straight-to-DVD thriller, When

Kiran Met Karen
is targeted toward a “global audience … and will be a

theatrical release worldwide,” said Katohora in an email. “I have started the

dialogue with several Asian distributors back home and some niche distributors

here in North America.” The film is co-written by Sumita Sheth (executive editor

of egothemag.com and DesiLit magazine) and Katohora, who also directs

the film.

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