Morning Brew – Kate McKinnon and the women of “SNL” are gorgeous in “Glamour”


Good morning and Happy Friday!

HBO has a new promo for Rosie O’Donnell‘s upcoming stand-up special, airing Valentine’s Day.

Scottish duo Tuff Love said they met through “the Glasgow lesbian mafia.” As you do!

Glamour has a great piece on the women of Saturday Night Live, past and present. Kate McKinnon joins Kristen Wiig, Aidy Bryant, Maya Rudolph, Cecily Strong, Amy Poehler, Leslie Jones, Ana Gasteyer, Sasheer Zamata, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Casey Wilson, Vanessa Bayer, Laraine Newman, Molly Shannon and Jane Curtin. Kate talks below about playing her favorite character, Justin Bieber.

Mary Lambert talked with Bright Young Things about getting homesick for her “cat and [her] girlfriend while on the road.” Aw.

Mary Oliver, aka one of the world’s best poets who also happens to be a lesbian, did a rare interview that you can listen to over at On Being.

The Guardian thinks its “strange” that Alix Dobkin‘s Living With Lavender Jane/Living With Lesbians album is on Spotify. Note the writer is a dude.

Interview talked with out director Celine Sciamma about her new film, Girlhood and putting sex and sexuality into films like her debut, the lesbian-themed Water Lilies.

It was at the center of Water Lilies, but I definitely try not to think of it as a narrative device. The three films are driven by sexuality, but not in a storytelling way. Really, with Water Lilies, the project was to end the movie where other movies would begin. Because all the movies begin with, “Oh, I’m gay. Now I’m gonna have to tell the world.” It goes from your head to your mouth, and I really wanted the movie to be about what’s in your stomach, and when that goes to your head. And in Tomboy, of course, the narrative is also around that. But it’s always before you know. It’s always before something is decided for the character. And that’s what we’re looking at. We’re looking at the question. And regarding Girlhood, well, it’s a heterosexual movie. [laughs] But it’s queer because it definitely also asks the question of how do you build your heterosexual identity? It’s built exactly like a homosexual identity. It’s a construction.

Celine with Girlhood stars Karidja Toure and Assa Sylla

'Les Lumieres 2015' At Espace Pierre Cardin In Paris

Also in Interview, actress Kiersey Clemons talks about her butch lesbian role in Dope, which will hit theaters this June.

I mean, obviously we’re talking about gang violence, drugs, homosexuality, feminism. Clearly, there are political talking points in it. But that’s life. You can talk about anything, and a counter-argument for it, any day of the week, all the time. You can do that with anything, but why? Just accept that it is what it is. There are lesbians everywhere. There are white kids running around calling their black friends “nigga,” and don’t mean any type of offense in it. There’s kids trying to get out of the hood everywhere. That’s life. And that’s what Rick is showing. He’s basically saying to stop feeling uncomfortable, trying to act like it’s not happening. People are dying. They’re getting shot over Gameboys. Kids are being dragged into having to sell drugs. And that’s life. And I think that’s the best part—obviously there are going to be people who will have their opinions about it, and other people are going to have their counter-arguments. But Rick doesn’t care. We’re all expecting it and we’re happy to talk about it. It’s obviously made with good intent, and that’s very clear throughout the film. Rick’s just telling a story.

Everyone is Gay’s Dannielle Owens-Reid talked with Rachael Cantu for a web Q&A called “Boxers or Briefs?”

The Toast imagines what it would be like if Kristen Stewart was your girlfriend.

A writer at Jezebel explains her pansexual identity.

The good news: India has a new help line for gay women. The bad news: Most of the callers are guys looking to talk to lesbians.

Out filmmaker Debra Chasnoff spoke about activism in film at the University of Redlands.

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