Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed are set for gender reassignment in 2009


In the category of “Is this a good thing?” Twilight actresses Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed will shoot another movie together, starting in January — playing men.

The movie, K-11, takes place in the section of the Los Angeles county jail that holds gay inmates, keeping them segregated from the general prison population. (“K-11” is the official classification for a gay inmate.) Stewart, who stars as Bella in Twilight, will play a boy and Reed, Twilight’s Rosalie, will play a 30-year-old man. Stewart’s mom, veteran script supervisor Jules Stewart, will direct.

No word yet on the relationship, if any, between the two as prison inmates. Stewart described K-11 as a “comedy-drama" saying “… [The unit is] full of eccentric, crazy, off-the wall characters, and me and Nikki play two of them … It’s a really sweet but really screwed up family in there.”

According to Reed, her role will be quite a contrast to Rosalie:

I’m going to be covered head-to-toe in tattoos. I’m going to be aged. I have scruff, I have [thicker] eyebrows and I’m a meth addict. Everything about my physical being right now will not be a part of that character.

I’m not sure I want to see that kind of transformation of this kind of hotness.

The announcement of K-11 has fueled internet gossip boards that speculate on a closer-than-BFF relationship between Stewart and Reed. The women, who are quite affectionate in public, have provided much of the rumor-mill fodder themselves.

In an interview Reed did with, for example, she said that she recently accompanied Stewart to the New Orleans set of Stewart’s next movie, Welcome to the Rileys.

“I stayed there while she was shooting,” Reed said. “She’s actually coming back for two more days on Monday, and I’m missing all of my press next week so I can just go be with her, just because, like, that’s what life is all about, you know what I mean?”

Well, Nikki, I know what it would mean if I dropped everything to go be with someone. But that’s just me.

Stewart has been dating actor Michael Angarano since she was 14. In fact, Reed, Stewart and Angarano (pictured below in the white T-shirt) often attend parties together. For some reason, though, that hasn’t quelled the Reed/Stewart rumors.

Although Stewart is less outspoken than Reed, photos like this one from the Vanity Fair photo shoot indicate that Kristen and Nikki are indeed, well, close.

The behind-the-scenes video shoot is even more fun for NikkiStew fans. If you knew nothing about Twilight, who would you guess is the main couple in the film?


This is all good, clean, lesbian fantasy of course. Reed and Stewart probably are a little too affectionate in public to be having an actual relationship, but that won’t stop our fun.

Tell us what you think about these two beautiful women playing men in K-11.

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