Lesbian musical movie “Liberty’s Secret” has perfect timing, being set in Michigan


There are two things that are close to my heart: Musicals and Michigan. The latter has been giving me a lot of agita lately, though. Michigan, my home state and traditionally a bastion of liberal thinking, has become a rather unfriendly place to be queer, or a woman for that matter lately. Just this week, the Michigan House passed a bill called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would legalize discrimination based on religious beliefs. That means, if a florist doesn’t want to provide flowers to your wedding because there are two brides, they can legally refuse service. The more sinister side of the bill allows health care providers like EMTs to refuse to assist a LGBT person if they feel if goes against their religious beliefs. As someone who was born and raised in Michigan, I can’t believe the direction where my beautiful state is heading.

In March, a Michigan district court judge declared Michigan’s ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional and over 300 couples rushed to get married. The ruling was appealed however, but Michigan’s Gov. Snyder and the Attorney General, and those 300 plus marriages were made null. A case to strike down the ban for good is being presented to the Supreme Court. The new movie musical Liberty’s Secret is a direct response to fight for equality we still face in many states.

Liberty’s Secret is the brainchild of Andy Kirshner, a composer and University of Michigan professor, and tells (I mean, sings) the story of two women who unexpectedly fall in love and fight to get married. Liberty (Jaclene Wilk) is the politically minded daughter of a preacher who falls in love with her older and more experienced spin doctor Nikki (Cara AnnMarie). I have to tell you, the music is quite beautiful, and very classic musical theatre. (Don’t expect rock/pop style: Think less RENT/Spring Awakening and more Into the Woods/Kiss Me Kate.)

The cast is super talented and it’s fun to see lesbian love get this kind of treatment. You know, with time steps and four part harmony.


Liberty’s Secret has received numerous donations and grants, including ones from University of Michigan, but they could use some post production help. If you want to see a fun, tender love story set to some great music and dance, consider checking out Liberty’s Secret‘s IndieGoGo campaign. They only have a week left! 



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