Beyoncé: From “Dreamgirl” to “Wonder Woman”?


Beyoncé Knowles has set her sights on playing Wonder Woman.

“I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman?” she told the Los Angeles Times. “It would be great. And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It’s time for that, right?”

Although a lot of people would agree that an African-American, Hispanic or Asian Wonder Woman wouldn’t be a shock in this day and age and would probably be welcomed, many people voiced their concern about Beyoncé’s skills as an actress. Here are some of the comments from the above-linked TV Guide article:

Oh hell no! Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce is a beautiful woman and a very talented singer, but she’s a horrible actress. And we seriously don’t need another Catwoman on our hands. ::shudders::

Beyoncé is a HORRIBLE actress and should not be cast as Wonder Woman. This casting would be a disgrace to the character of Wonder Woman.

OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Wonder Woman can be any race but she CANNOT be Beyoncé !! She has to be played by someone with ACTING talent!!!

Please. Have any of you actually seen the television series? You can play Wonder Woman if you answer “yes” to the following questions.

  • Do you look good in a spandex suit?
  • Can you sprint while wearing a corset underneath said spandex suit and not collapse?
  • Can you pull off campy dialogue while even campier music plays in the background and not burst out laughing?
  • Can you spin around three times without getting dizzy and falling on your face?
  • Can you go from looking bewildered to looking fiercely determined to knock heads together within a half a second?

Let’s be honest: Wonder Woman may be a cultural icon, but you don’t need to be an Oscar-worthy actress to play the role.

If you can’t see Beyoncé Knowles as Wonder Woman, who should be on the short list? Lucy Lawless? Jordana Brewster? Gabrielle Union?

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