Milla Jovovich trades guns and knives for a pole


In real life, she’s an actress, supermodel, fashion designer and singer. On screen, she’s played Joan of Arc,

a genetically enhanced zombie-killer,

and a Fifth Element.

What challenge could there possibly be left to tackle?

In what could be her ticket to Oscar gold (the Academy loves women who work in the erotic arts, right?), Milla Jovovich has been tapped to play an exotic dancer in the upcoming film Keep Coming Back. The movie is about a "sheltered young man" who falls in love with an alcoholic former stripper and joins Alcoholics Anonymous in order to be close to her.

The comedy — and thank god it’s a comedy — will be the directorial debut of actor William H. Macy, who also stars in the film along with Steve Buscemi. The part of the sheltered (but committed) young man has not yet been cast.

If you’re already hankering for a fresh dose of Milla, she has several other films in post-production that should be hitting theaters well in advance of Keep Coming Back. In The 4th Kind, she plays the lead in a fact-based film about a string of disappearances in an Alaskan town amidst signs of a federal cover-up. (There’s no word on whether or not the film is set during Sarah Palin’s term as Governor.) I’m guessing that the title refers to what ufologists call a "Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind," in which a human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants. reports that it will be released in 2009.

She’s also starring in A Perfect Getaway, written and directed by David Twohy, the guy who made Radha Mitchell an action star in Pitch Black. In Getaway, Jovovich and Steve Zahn play honeymooners in Hawaii who learn that they’re being stalked by a couple of murderers. Getaway is set to be released in March 2009.

Both The 4th Kind and A Perfect Getaway sound like they will offer Jovovich plenty of opportunities to wield guns and knives, run people down with motorcycles and crack a few skulls in hand-to-hand combat all while wearing skimpy little leather outfits. It’s a good thing that she gets that out of her system before Keep Coming Back, because I’m pretty sure that AA doesn’t allow any of that during meetings.

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