Harry Potter goes from dark to light in the new trailer


With the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince still more than eight months away, fans are searching for a patience spell until the movie finally starts showing in a theater near you. Over the weekend, the international teaser trailer gave Muggles everywhere a taste to help tide them over. So go ahead and put away the wand, Hermione. Maybe we’ll be able to hold out until July without using magic.

The trailer for the sixth installment is darker and more action-packed than the first American trailer released over the summer. The spot includes new footage and many ominous overtones. Things go from dark and creepy to light and kissy in just a minute and a half.

We see He-Who-Must-Not -Be-Named, Death Eaters and Bellatrix Lestrange. We also see Ron Weasley getting a smooch from Lavender Brown and Harry Potter getting a smack (relax, on the head) from Hermione Granger. Though,“The Chosen One”? Since when was this The Matrix?

So, what did you think? And, most important, will it hold you until — gulp — July 17? Discuss.

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