Michelle Williams may be Oscar-bound for “Wendy and Lucy”


The best testament to Michelle Williams‘ acting ability may be that I had to look up her character’s name from Dawson’s Creek. It was Jen — Jen Lindley.

Williams broke out of the teenage bad-girl role fairly quickly when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress role for Brokeback Mountain. Her performance was heart wrenching.

While her talent took a temporary back seat to her relationship with Heath Ledger in the wake of his death, independent film Wendy and Lucy promises to remind us why she got that Oscar nomination.

Williams plays Wendy Carroll, an unemployed woman who heads to Alaska with her dog Lucy in hopes of finding a good job at the Northwestern Fish cannery. Since she has no money, Wendy travels and lives in her worn-out Honda until it breaks down and Lucy disappears.

The film isn’t exactly fun and games, but according to a Cinematical review after Wendy and Lucy was shown at Cannes, Williams’ performance reveals a new depth in her acting ability:

Because the film focuses entirely on Wendy and her relationship with her dog, Williams has to carry the film entirely, and she does so remarkably… she’s grown tremendously over the past few years [and] she may finally be moving into a new realm in her career.

Spoiler for animal lovers: Lucy is OK. If you’re like me, you won’t see the film unless you know that.

Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think. Will you see Wendy and Lucy? Is Michelle Williams on the verge of major stardom? Will you ever be able to watch her without thinking of Chloë Sevigny?

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