Elizabeth Banks did not have a “lesbian phase”


USA Today made the gutsy move this weekend of asking actress Elizabeth Banks, “Hey, why aren’t you more famous?”

You’ve seen her before, of course: Spider-Man, Definitely, Maybe, Seabiscuit, 40-Year-Old Virgin, and lately as Laura Bush in Oliver Stone‘s W., or working alongside Seth Rogen in Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

So, tell us, Elizabeth Banks, why aren’t you a household name?

Banks told USA Today:

I don’t have a love life that everyone cares about because I’ve been with the same guy for 16 years. I think we’re a great example to people, but it’s not interesting. There’s no scandal involved. I’m not trying to have Jake Gyllenhaal‘s baby. I’m not a major fashionista. I’m not going through a lesbian phase. I’m just normal. I’m just really freakin’ normal.

I’m just going to take a wild guess that the “lesbian phase” comment was directed at Lindsay Lohan, but let’s be honest: Lohan was tabloid fodder long before she met SamRo. Her infamy lies not so much in her gayness, but in her propensity for on-set drama.

Lack of lesbonics aside, Oliver Stone said of Banks:

She amazed me because I never recognized her. Every day she’d come on the set, I’d be like, “Is that Elizabeth?” She always had a different look, and her hair would be one way …” [His hands move about his head, indicating some kind of shape-shifting.] Elizabeth Banks will change every day. She would look different. She’s a funny girl that way.

Her hairbrush makes her a shape-shifter!

Seriously, though, critics are pretty sure you will remember Elizabeth Banks forever once you see W. The Salon.com critic who reviewed Stone’s movie said, “Banks is so likable here that I found myself silently urging her character, ‘Run! Run now, before it’s too late!'”

(I still feel like that every time I see the real Laura Bush.)

I’ve always liked Elizabeth Banks, and shockingly enough, she doesn’t fool me when she changes clothes or whatever. I still recognize her. I do hope these two fall movies propel her to superstardom. If not, she could always take a page from the book of one of Seth Rogen’s other co-stars. She could insinuate that she’s better than the writing she’s been given, and withdraw her name from Oscar contention. That’ll make people talk.

Did you see W.? Will you see Zack and Miri? Also, be honest: Does Elizabeth Banks really fool you when she changes her hair color?

Banks really fool you when she changes her hair color?

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