When lesbians are obsessive killers, and other boring movie plots


Over the weekend, I wanted to watch a scary movie from my On Demand, and thought the Independent Film Channel’s offering of <ahref=”http: viewfilm.htm?filmid=”1080″” target=”_blank”>Room of Death sounded interesting (“In this creepy murder mystery, victims of a serial killer are being mangled to look like dolls; a rookie female detective tries desperately to stop the killing.”)

Rookie female lead? Awesome, sounds like a good feminist kind of film — until it becomes apparent that a lesbian couple (played by Laurence Côte and Céline Sallette) are behind the capture and murder of a young girl. (So as not to ruin it for you completely, the overall theme is obsession. Original, I know.)

So far, this has happened to me twice — two separate times, I’ve picked a horror film from my cable box’s options (based solely on basic, one sentence descriptions) and without knowing it, lesbians have been not only involved, but they are the obsessive murderers chasing the innocents.

Lesbians: We’re out for blood — it’s not just the vampires, it’s us normal gay girls, too.

High Tension was the first film I watched only to be unexpectedly hit with the lesbian killer theme (Side note: Both films are French. Is this a commonality I’m just completely unaware of?). Somehow I missed the AfterEllen.com review of this film in 2005. Despite the lesbian lunacy, I actually enjoyed this film and would recommend it for Halloween-viewing.

If you’re up for another scare, there’s always Monster (true story), Make A Wish (lesbian slasher flick), The Haunting (old school black and white) or <ahref=”http:>Notes on a Scandal (creepy Dame Judy Dench).

Of course, lesbian vampire flicks are easy to find, and I guess I’d rather have the gay women being the ones in control than the ones being axed — there are plenty of those kinds of films, as well. (On screen, it’s a kill-or-be-killed kind of world for a woman-loving-woman.)

Did I forget your favorite? Perhaps you’re still reeling over the let down that Britney Spears won’t be playing a “lesbian killer” in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, and now will only watch thrillers in which men are the stalkers and knife-wielders. I don’t blame you.

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