Dara & Karman’s Hit List: “Girls With Guns” (Episode 3)


This week, Dara and I talk about some of our favorite pistol-packing mamas in pop culture &#8212 the kind of women who gun down murderous cyborgs, retire vampires, or hide firearms in their hair.

Women like Sarah Connor in the the Terminator movies and TV show; Geena Davis in The Long Kiss Goodnight; Pam Grier in Foxy Brown; Scully/Gillian Anderson in The X-Files (does a cell phone count as a weapon?); and everyone in the upcoming movie Bitch Slap.

Watch as we debate who would make the perfect female version of Blade, why a woman with ass-kicking abilities is so very compelling, and the importance of well-maintained eyebrows.

Did we forget someone? Tell us who’s on your list!

Dara & Karman’s Hit List "Girls With Guns" (Episode 3)

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