“Mamma Mia!” was made for singing along


I loved Mamma Mia!

I know the critics were not kind, but seriously, what’s not to like? Beautiful scenery on a Greek island, head-bobbing music you know from your youth and, best of all, Meryl Streep dancing in overalls.

In fact, the only thing that could make this movie more fun is if we could be on that Greek isle, singing and dancing along. And just in time for the holiday weekend, we’re getting two out of three in the form of Mamma Mia! The Sing Along Edition. The lyrics to every musical number in the film will appear on-screen, just in case the music of ABBA isn’t seared permanently into your brain.

Here’s the trailer:


This version is in limited release, so check here to find a theater in your area. And if you’re shy about singing, take heart — you know you’ll sound better than Pierce Brosnan.