Ellen Page comes out (on DVD)


Lots of new DVDs are hitting stores this week and, of course, very few of them (make that one) feature lesbian and bisexual characters. Strangely enough, though, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Girls Gone Wild-type docs (I counted no less than six separate titles this week — go figure.) But don’t let this sad little fact make you cancel your subscription to Netflix. There are still a couple of DVDs with hot lady appeal.

Preaching to the Perverted

Writer, actress, all-around celesbian Guinevere Turner plays a dominatrix ruling the London S&M scene with an iron whip in this 1997 controversial film. There’s this whole plot about a guy who’s sent in by a minister to spy on her and figure out a way to bring her group down … blah, blah, blah. But let’s cut to the chase: You can expect lots of hot leather outfits, lesbian trysts, and more fetish fun than you can shake an inappropriately used riding crop at.

Smart People

One of our favorite indie starlets is back and doing what she does best: playing a witty teen with lots of attitude and interesting choices in wardrobe. Ellen Page takes on the role of Vanessa, a sarcastic, SAT-obsessed girl who has her hands full with her brilliant but disconnected father (Dennis Quaid). She gets a little help loosening him up from his new love interest, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

The Secret

Page’s Juno co-star, Olivia Thirlby, takes the lead in this supernatural film that kind of makes me itchy (and not in a good way). It centers on a girl who’s possessed by her recently deceased mother and develops a (let’s just say) more intense relationship with her father. (What’s with all the daddy-issue DVDs this week? I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ll probably cringe my way through it for the stellar cast, which includes the awesome Lili Taylor and Mulder David Duchovny.)

Mulan & Mulan II Special Edition Double Feature

You’re probably wondering why I’ve included a Disney cartoon on the list, right? Well, let me refresh your memory: The movie is about a young Chinese woman who says no to the institution of self-sacrificing wifehood and yes to chopping off her hair, pretending to be a dude, and taking her father’s place in the army. Hells yeah! Um, why wasn’t this character a lesbian?

Tru Calling: The Complete Series

I know, I know — I’ve already written about this DVD release before. But you can never say enough about an Eliza Dusku show, especially one in which she plays a supernatural do-gooder who wears lots of really hot tank tops. Yes, I’m that easy.

More dykey DVDs coming out include That Girl: Season 4 (Marlo Thomas stars in the role that made her a feminist icon. Know your history, ladies!); Legacy (a bunch of vapid sorority girls and Haylie Duff); The American Mall (the new High School Musical, only gayer if possible); Raw Spice (an unauthorized, behind-the-scenes footage of The Spice Girls); Caroline in the City: The First Season (for those of us who had a massive crush on Lea Thompson in the ‘80s à la Back to the Future and Some Kind of Wonderful); and The Wire: The Complete Fifth Season (not so much lesbionic as a really great show. Check it out!)

What’s on your DVD must-see list this week?

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