Alicia Keys pens a song for the new “James Bond” film


Considering the James Bond films have a habit of including hot women in every installment, and considering Alicia Keys has a habit of being a hot woman, it makes perfect sense that Keys is joining the Bond universe for their next chapter, Quantum of Solace. (The title of the film makes me scratch my head, but I find it’s best to not think too long and hard about these things.)

No, the lovely and talented Keys won’t be the newest Bond Babe. Thankfully, she’s sticking to what she does best: making music. She’ll join Jack White for a duet on the film’s theme song — the first duet in Bond theme song history, in case you’re keeping track. Considering Keys’ and White’s musical styles are pretty much exactly opposite, it should be an interesting collaboration. But, I’m betting it’ll be a little moment of brilliance ala Alison Krauss/Robert Plant.

While Alicia won’t be making an appearance in the film, we will be treated to yet another femme fatale, Olga Kurylenko, whose character Camille has one of the more benign names in Bond history.

It all started 40 years ago with “Honey Ryder,” the suggestively named seductress from 1962’s Dr. No. Since then, let’s face it, the draw to James Bond movies has been more based on their stunning parade of femme fatales, than whatever happens in those movies. Are there even storylines in James Bond films? They always seem to me like a strung-out din of explosions, car chases and blatant displays of sexual innuendo. Even the famed roles of Bond Babes have their share of unapologetically named characters that point them out as the sex objects they are. I mean, really: Pussy Galore and Holly Goodhead? My personal favorite: Peaceful Fountains of Desire (played by Rachel Grant).

Still, I have to admit I loved Grace Jones in A View to a Kill, Madonna and Halle Berry in Die Another Day, and Eva Green in Casino Royale. And, I’m fairly certain I’ll love Alicia Keys’ duet with Jack White in Quantum of Solace, if nothing else. Who’s your favorite Bond Babe?

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