Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts bring in the box office bank


Forbes has released their ”Entertainment All-Stars Special Issue” in which they named Vince Vaughn the number one actor for bringing in money at the box office. Of course, Julia Roberts was right up there — at number three, in fact — bringing in just $25,000 less than number two, Tobey Maguire. (If only she’d been in one more movie in the last year!)

I pretty much figured Roberts and Jennifer Aniston would be included, but was surprised to see Naomi Watts cracking the number five slot. According to Forbes magazine’s complicated algebraic formula they use to quantify this top ten list, Watts raked in more dough than George Clooney, Matt Damon and Ben Stiller. Go on, girl!

Out of the 10 top grossing stars, those three gals were the only women to make the cut. That’s not incredibly surprising, since women generally make less than men in most professions. It wasn’t too long ago that Julia Roberts’ box office power was a huge story based on the sole fact that she was female. Of course, in a year when one of the biggest summer blockbusters was “surprise” hit Sex and the City, I’m wondering if the number of high-grossing women in Hollywood is on the rise.

What do you think? Are there any Hollywood ladies you think deserve a higher paycheck for the money they bring to the studios?

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