Gillian Anderson in a different kind of role


I’m just going to get the embarrassing truth out of the way: I was never really into The X-Files, even though the show featured the extraordinarily attractive Gillian Anderson. It took the first X-Files movie to sell me on the actress (the jury’s still out on I Want To Believe, as it’s not due out until July 25).

I don’t know what took me so long. I mean, come on:

I do, however, enjoy a good bio-pic about a historically relevant woman played by another, gorgeous female actress. So it pleases me to no end that Anderson is signed up to play the role of Martha Gellhorn in a film about the journalist’s life.

Gellhorn lived quite a dramatic life. She was a war correspondent, the third wife of Ernest Hemingway, and a novelist who killed herself at age 89 after falling so ill with cancer, she was practically blind. She reported from the field on just about every major world conflict that happened in her lifetime, including the Great Depression, the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Due to her unshakable dedication to her career, there’s even been an award for excellence in journalism created in her name.

Gillian Anderson, with her innate ability to nail fierce intensity, seems the perfect fit for the role of Gellhorn. She’ll not only be starring in but also producing the film, which is based on a biography by Caroline Moorehead.

I can’t think of a better actress to play such an intense role, could you?

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