“Mamma Mia!”: how can you resist it?


When the Swedish quartet ABBA was performing pop songs like “Dancing Queen,” I wonder if they visualized the phenomenon it would become. From their dance hits came a Broadway musical, Mamma Mia!, and now a film of the same name, starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried.

The film had its world premiere in Berlin on Wednesday night, and the cast (which also includes Christine Baranski, Colin Firth, and Pierce Brosnon among others) was in attendance for the showing and the after party. If you have yet to see the trailer, it will give you a good idea what we can expect when it opens here on July 18:

Yes, that is Meryl Streep singing, and she seems to have some pipes. But we are all aware how frighteningly amazing Ms. Meryl is; it’s Amanda Seyfried that is the breakthrough star of Mamma Mia. Up until now, she has served as part of ensemble casts on Big Love and in films such as Mean Girls and Alpha Dogs. As 18-year-old Sophie Sheridan, Seyfried seems like a shoo-in for good reviews, no matter what the outcome is for the film in its entirety.

If you were never an ABBA fan (which really seems quite impossible), Mamma Mia! seems like it could still be a fun summer flick to check out. Something tells me it might be hard to sit still and keep from singing along in the theater, though. Perhaps I will steer clear of seeing it in a theater close to Boystown.

But if you are into going to the theater that is of the musical variety (read: Broadway), the show is still open in New York City. Tickets might be hard to come by after the film comes out, though, so take your chance in Logo’s contest for you to bring your Mamma (or anyone else of your choosing, but wouldn’t she appreciate it?) to see it with you in the Big Apple.

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