Gabrielle Union gets deep in her latest role


Gabrielle Union seems like a very talented, promising, affable young actress. So this, well – this is just wrong.

Yes, that is Gabrielle sticking out of an enormous, 15-foot replica of Eddie Murphy’s head to promote their upcoming film Meet Dave. At some point during the day, she had to look at her situation and have a horrifying David Byrne-like epiphany: “How did I get here? My God! What have I done?!”

Meet Dave is about a bunch of quarter-inch tall aliens who navigate “Dave,” their giant Eddie-shaped spacecraft, through the streets of New York City. Gabrielle plays one of the little people. Further exacerbating her humiliation is the fact that in an Entertainment Tonight interview, the correspondent called her a “booger” because of a scene where she comes out of Eddie’s nose. Yeah, that’s her on the right.

“Oh my gosh. That was me,” Gabrielle said. “I was a human booger. I’m going to put that on my resume: ‘Can also be a booger.’”

Like I said, so wrong. So terribly wrong.

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