Are Jeanne Tripplehorn and Sigourney Weaver “Crazy”?


Hey! Tim Allen is set to make his directorial debut – and star – in an independent movie about an ex-con whose life gets “crazy” after he gets out of prison, Crazy on the Outside. He tries to seduce his parole office and his life is manipulated by his sister. Doesn’t this sound great? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

But then I heard about some additional casting. Jeanne Tripplehorn has signed on to play the single-mom parole officer who is the object of Allen’s affections.

All I can say about that possible pairing is…ew. (And grossness aside, the ethical violation inherent in such a love match horrifies me.)

Of course, this wouldn’t be her first movie pairing with an icky guy. She was with Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct and Tom Cruise in The Firm. And she’s wife #1 in Big Love.

Hubby Bill Paxton is not icky, but the situation certainly is. Regardless, she’s pretty much always watchable regardless of her romantic partner.

And even more watchable is the other actress who just joined the cast as the manipulative sister, Sigourney Weaver.

I’m trying to think if I’ve ever disliked her performance in a movie…and I’m coming up blank. I haven’t liked every movie she’s been in – and I was utterly perplexed that she had a throw-away part in Be Kind, Rewind, which I’m embarrassed to admit I saw a few weeks ago. But Weaver is always good. So, she might even make this wacky, ex-con comedy watchable.

One amazing thing about her is how versatile an actress she is.

She can play disaffected urban housewife.

Or play up her sexuality.

She does badass well.

And she’s even done drag king!

The role, however, that gives me the most hope about Crazy on the Outside is Gwen DeMarco in Galaxy Quest.

There’s nothing similar about the role. (In Galaxy Quest , she played a Lt. Uhura -esque role in which her sole job was to repeat everything the computer said.) But she did pair well with Tim Allen in that one. So, who knows, this might be worth seeing.

And at least we get to get see her in Baby Mama next month!

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