Persepolis to return “en Anglais”


The Academy Award–nominated film Persepolis

is back, this time in English!

Well, it’s not actually back

yet, but it will be in a few weeks. On April 11, an English-language

version of Marjane Satrapi‘s Persepolis will hit the big

screen. So, if you missed it the first time because you don’t like subtitles,

you have no excuse not to see it this time around. (Of course, if you

missed it the first time around because you were just too lazy or busy

and you would rather have seen it in French with subtitles, you’re out

of luck. But you still get to see it, so, really, you’re still better


I’m not a big fan of dubbed

movies, but this seems like it will work. First, given that it’s animated,

the voices won’t be out of sync with the actors lips — which is really

the worst thing about dubbing.

Second, some of the original

cast recorded the English version as well as the French. Catherine

is the mother in both versions, and her real-life daughter,

Chiara Mastroianni
, is the adolescent and adult version of Marjane

in both versions. So you still get to hear the loveliness that is Catherine

Deneuve, even if you missed the original.

The rest of the major roles,

however, have been recast for the English soundtrack. Gena Rowlands

will take over the role of the grandmother, formerly voiced by Danielle


Sean Penn provides the voice for Marjane’s

father. And I must say that I’m having a tough time wrapping my head

around this one. I guess it’s the image of Sean Penn and Catherine Deneuve

as husband and wife. Finally, Iggy Pop will play Uncle

Anouche, Marjane’s political prisoner uncle who was very influential

in her life.

It took me forever to see the

original Persepolis, but I finally did and I loved it. Loved

it! So I’m probably going to see this one, too. And I think if you

plan to see only one English-language version of an animated French movie

about Iran’s Islamic Revolution this year, this should be the one!

If you need to be reminded

of how compelling this movie is, check out a slideshow of Persepolis

images here, or the French trailer here.

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