“The Mummy” returns, again


Like that pink bunny, franchises keep

going, and going, and going. But

before we even have a chance to gauge Maria Bello‘s success in taking over the role

of Evie in the Mummy movies, Bello revealed in an interview with MTV movie news that she’s committed to another

trilogy in the franchise.

Not that I’m complaining

too much. I was a fan of the first movie in

the Mummy franchise (though not so much that my ex-girlfriend

spent fifty bucks to get a Brendan Fraser haircut after seeing it).

If The Mummy‘s tongue-in-cheekiness wasn’t enough to win me over,

it was also my introduction to Rachel Weisz.

As I’ve lamented


I’ll be missing Weisz in The

Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
, even though

one could do worse for a pinch hitter than Bello. I do like the

looks of her in the production stills.

When MTV spoke with her,

Bello continued to be enthusiastic about the role and the prospect of

future films. She’s looking forward to it, she says, because the

filming of this one was so fun: “I had to be on wires and do sword

work. It took days to do, and it was so much fun. I would do flips on

the wire and I’d land down and be like a little kid.”

This is what I’m looking

forward to in Mummy 3, actually. Bello’s been insisting

all along that her Evie is a more physical, ass-kicking role.

I don’t expect Evie to go completely

Tomb Raider, but it will be fun to see the character have a go at more

than verbal sparring.

Hey, here’s another request.

Can we have Michelle Yeoh and

Isabella Leong back in the next one, too?


could do without the terra cotta army, though. Life-size

clay figurines trigger unpleasant flashbacks to

Heavenly Creatures.)

Mummy 3 is set to hit

theaters in August. I’ll be there.

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