“Get Smart” gets silly


Hey, want to watch something

silly? Sure you do; who doesn’t? Come on, it’s Friday; what else

are you going to do — work? The new trailer for Get Smart was released this week, and it’s

a veritable hodgepodge of silliness, courtesy Steve Carell

and Anne Hathaway.

Ah, the simple, fail-safe humor

of people running into walls. Works every single time. Anyone familiar

with the original 1960s small-screen show should know the film’s premise

already. The good agents of CONTROL are fighting the evil forces of


Leading the good fight are

Steve as the hapless Maxwell Smart and Anne as his cool, kicky partner

Agent 99. Hmm, flip that first “9” around and this could be a whole

different kind of movie. You know, sort of like this.

The trailer reminds me a of

a mashup of The Pink Panther, Austin Powers

and Mission: Impossible. But what I really want to talk about

are the many outfits of Anne.

Catholic schoolgirl Anne:

Dancing With the Stars Anne:

Action-hero Anne:

Cleopatra Anne:

So, which is your favorite?

I’m partial to Catholic schoolgirl Anne. But then, girls in ties are kind of my thing. And, oh yeah,

what do you think of the trailer? Good silly, or just silly silly?

Or, this being a Friday, is there even a difference?

And one more thing, did they

just hire actors from NBC shows for this film or what? Steve from

The Office
, Masi Oka from Heroes and Nate Torrence

from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now if Tina Fey

pops up, too, I am so there.

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